Tuesday 26 September 2017

'The Silver Spoon': The Review

Written by Zizi Onianwah

Rating:  3 stars.
Place: Lagos, Nigeria
Time: Present Days
Duration: 120 Mins.

The Silver Spoon is story  of a bright hardworking and serious minded girl Ella Henshaw (Sophia Alakija)of 24 years placed on a succession plan by her parents to take over the family business comes across a man who took her for a mere pretty face. This young man that’s played by Wole Ojo a disgruntled job seeker finally gets a job in her company and discovers that the job was not what he expected. Their paths clash in this eccentric journey of the “SLIVER SPOON” movie.

It had a very impressive performance from the cast members: Desmond Eliot, Jennifer Eliogu, Ayo Adesanya, Enyinna Nwigwe, Yvonne Jegede, Chucks Chyke, Anita Odia and Sophie Alakija.
This film was written and co-produced by Chinney Love Eze and produced by the Anita Odia led A keys productions, the new film parades an array of talented and professional actors like Desmond Elliot,Ayo Adesanya , Jennifer Eliogu who has been away from the nollywood scene, Elliot who also doubles as an actor and helmed this film.

Segun (Wole Ojo) character is one with an ambivert personality and has a protective nature towards his loved one especially his mother. Most of the characters in this film was well taught through has they interpreted their roles strongly, very believable has you can relate to them. Yvonne Jegede played the role of Shade, Segun’s girlfriend and she did a fine job and brought a little bit of comedy into the film.

The critique of this film is original and brings a fresh plot to a typical romantic film that implements a subject topic on some social relevant issues about unemployment and peer pressure, that will get the viewers’ attention to it has the narrative is simple but unique. It’s one of those stories telling that the audiences have seen before but can relate to in different ways or views.

One thing you would enjoy in this film is the dialogue, formal techniques such has cinematography would have been better, editing was okay, mise-en-scène could have been improved to interpret the story better, lighting, diegetic and non-diegetic sound was  on point.  It has a great balance of drama, educative and a bit little comedy.

However while watching this film, you could easily get bored because it’s like a normal romantic film but the little twist makes it a little interesting. Do watch open mind and draw out some positive lessons about the subject topic of this film.

We have seen a lot lately about ‘’blockbuster films” coming out this ember months has the Nigeria filmmaker are raising the stake higher. The notion is that audience are burned out watching drama in cinema is slowly proved to be wrong has you can still strike a balance with comedy, drama and still pass a great message in a film. I hope to see better films like this and more that tells the Nigerian stories and facing social relevant issues that are present in our society.

‘’The Silver Spoon” made its cinema debut on Friday, September 22 2017 and showing in cinema across Nigeria.

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