Tuesday 26 September 2017

Basketmouth to Psquare: Stop your fight till after my show

One of Nigeria’s foremost comedians, Basketmouth has appealed to the Psquare brothers to pause their fight until the end of his show as the fight is affecting the publicity for the show.

Earlier, a video of the singing twins and their elder brother in heated argument had surfaced online.
Basket mouth said on his Instagram page: “Why una no wait until after my show on Saturday before una fight this fight?!! You guys are distracting my publicity naaaa!!!! Wetin sef!!!! Anyway….Lords of The Ribs with Basketmouth live on the 30th of Sept”

For the Reno Omokri, spokesman to former President Good Luck Jonathan, the brothers’ fight is a parable about Nigeria and the ongoing issues centered on divisions.

He indicated that the brothers’ problem typifies why Nigeria is not working. He noted that God may be using the brothers to teach Nigeria a lesson on the way to go on the country’s structure.

He tweeted: “If Peter and Paul cant live in peace, is it our own little Republics that will automatically lead to peace? Restructuring is a better option.

“Even P-Square wants to restructure from unitary form of partnership to true federalism. You are Peter, I am Paul. Together, we are P-Square!

“Perhaps God is using @PeterPsquare & @rudeboypsquare to teach lessons on the options before Nigeria-division, restructuring or family fight.”

Reno tweets about psquare

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