Friday 31 October 2008

Femi On Abe K

One of Oloja.Com partners, Abe, is more excited than us at Oloja, he has developed a structured Business profile, marketing analysis, and all those stuff that proves he really attended London Business School, and all those big schools in the US. Well done Abe, Hope you are enjoying your new role as a Big Cat somewhere in B, We are as excited as you are

Working hard

Oloja has been around, first as NigeriaDirectories.Com since March 2002, and now Oloja.Com in 2007, we are working hard now to get over 300,000 details of small and medium sized based businesses in Nigeria on the site,

Not just that but verify this business to make sure they are valid

I had a chat with major businesses in Nigeria and the West this week they had a preview of the New Oloja website coming out Next month, and they were blown away, we are going places, come with us, Start Advertising on Oloja now, seriously

Our vision is to take a home based business and make it known all over the world

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