Sunday 6 March 2011 on the streets of Nigeria have been carrying out its awareness campaign on the internet for quite some time creating a presence on all the social networks (facebook, twitter e.t.c.) and over 250 search engines including Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL.

It is only right in 2011 to take it's campaign to the streets of Nigeria visiting over 20 states and cities in the course of 12 months. Our campaign kicked off the first week of Feb 2011 where we visited 3 states and cities in one week (Ibadan – Oyo State, Abeokuta-Ogun State, Lagos-Lagos State)

The campaign intentionally kicked off in Ibadan because of her significance to Nigeria; being home to the first TV station (NTA Ibadan) in Nigeria and West Africa, and the renowned University of Ibadan. is the online business directory of Nigerian businesses as well as an information broker between Nigerian business and global partners. The yellow pages of Nigeria. showcases the products/services and contacts of Nigerian based businesses from Small Businesses; Printers, Plumbers and other sectors; Education, Health, Oil and gas, Finance, Media and Telecoms.

Here are a few pictures of our state visits:

It will be wrong to visit Ibadan and not stop over at Mapo Hall, Mapo Hall is the colonial style city hall, perched on top of Mapo Hill, in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Mapo Hall was commissioned during the colonial era by Captain Ross in 1929. It was renovated in 2006.

On Iwo Road Ibadan Oyo state.

Team at Oba Lipede Ultra Modern Market Kuto Abeokuta - Ogun State
Newly refurbished Lagos City Hall 

Team Oloja at The Palm one of the Shopping Malls in Lagos State 

                  Met up with friends of the great Olufunmi and her husband Diran Olajoyigbe

More updates coming soon as the campaign progresses.

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