Friday, 1 September 2017

Yoruba Language School Opens In London (Poster)

There is now a timely succor for the apathy and lack of interest in one of Nigeria's, albeit Africa's most spoken native languages, the Yoruba Language. It is obvious that among the younger generation and those who have never had the opportunity to learn the language the knowledge and depth for proper use of Yoruba diction has not been a proud tale, the Yoruba People can recount.

As you read this, a Yoruba Language School with the theme, Èdè Mi  (My Language) will be launched on Saturday, 23rd September, 2017 at The Royal Storehouse, Langham Road, Turnpike Lane Station, North London.

According to the co-ordinator of the school and brain behind the project, Ms Olu Fadairo, "The desire to teach and promote our native language, Yoruba as well as our culture among Yoruba children and adults who were born here in United Kingdom motivated us to establish the school".

Asked on what parents and students should be expect, she explained further, "We have carefully planned the curriculum of the school to include teaching the rudiments of the language, alphabets, vowels, consonants, sentences, proverbs, folk tales and many interesting things that make the language and it's its people unique".

Asked on how easy is it for prospective students to transit to the school, Ms. Fadairo  explained that the school is located close to Turnpike Lane Bus and Tube Stations.

Activities lined up for the day of the school launching include learning Yoruba folklore songs, paintings, interactive session, quiz competition and several side attractions.

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