Saturday, 16 September 2017

B’Haram committing war crime with child bombers –UN

The United Nations says the use of child fighters and child bombers by Boko Haram constitutes war crime and crime against humanity. The world body also said the insurgents have used 140 children mostly girls in series of attacks including suicide bombing in the volatile northeast States.

Unicef Country Representative and UN Country Task Force representative, Mohammed Fall disclosed in Maiduguri, Borno State Friday during the signing of Action Plan regarding Children Associated with Civilian JTF that the figure of child fighters or bombers used by the insurgents swell to 80 this year.

“From our record, 140 children mostly girls have been used by Boko Haram in the northeast in the last three years. It is war crime and crime against humanity. Boko Haram should stop recruiting and using children for attack especially suicide bombing,” Fall said.

He also told newsmen the body responsible for war crimes charges at the U.N. headquarters should take up the allegation against Boko Haram.

He said United Nations signed the Action Plan with Civilian JTF to ensure children are protected in the violent-torn northeast some. He said the signing of the Action Plan would remove the name of the volunteers group from the lists of armed fighters using children in their activities.

CJTF legal adviser, Jibrin Gunda said the volunteer group has set age limit for its members since its debut in 2013. “The age limit of anybody who wish to join CJTF is 18 years. No child is accommodated in the group and all efforts have been taken to ensure no child is allowed,” he explained.

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